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Developments in vocational education and training policy in 2015-19: Netherlands

Progress towards the medium-term deliverables of the Riga conclusions

Author(s):Cedefop (2020)

This country chapter on the Netherlands is part of the monitoring process. It was drafted based on input from the national ReferNet team. It presents an overview of the major policy developments that have taken place in the country in 2015-19, in the areas covered by the Riga medium-term deliverables (MTDs).

Since 2015, the Netherlands has taken steps to reinforce its work-based training, apprenticeship (BBL track in upper secondary VET) and internship. Quality assurance mechanisms and the information system to guide the development of VET provision have been strengthened. Access for all to VET and qualifications has been promoted, with emphasis on equal opportunities, initiating reforms in guidance, and improving permeability. The country has also been active in supporting further developments of key competences in VET, and the initial and continuing training of VET school teachers.
Compared to 2015-16, the main development in 2017 was related to providing opportunities to VET providers to develop regional qualifications, in close cooperation with the business community, to address regional needs.

In 2018 developments in the country focused on the VET schools quality
agreements to improve the quality of VET, the multi-annual programme for lifelong learning and the new approach to addressing adult illiteracy.

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