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On this page you will find the news items ReferNet Netherlands publishes about Dutch vocational education. You will also find – a selection of – news from Cedefop. See also National news on VET

The Netherlands: VET teachers on the road to a PhD

28/05/2021 - Preparation courses for Dutch VET teachers boost research activities at VET provider level.…

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The future of VET- survey: give your views!

20/05/2021 - Take part in a Cedefop survey about VET’s recent changes and future path.…

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European education stakeholders endorse ‘Osnabrück-declaration on VET’

30/11/2020 - 'Osnabrück Declaration' sets out new policy actions in VET for the period of…

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Netherlands: internship discrimination, what to do about it?

14/01/2021 - Work placement discrimination is a common and persistent problem among VET students. The…

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Netherlands: shaping diversity & inclusion in VET through action

17/06/2020 - In January 2020, the project Getting started with diversity and inclusion was launched. Schools,…

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