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On this page you will find the news items ReferNet Netherlands publishes about Dutch vocational education. You will also find – a selection of – news from Cedefop. See also National news on VET

Record number of dropouts in Dutch VET

18-09-2023 | During the 2021/22 academic year, the Netherlands saw a significant increase in early…

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Netherlands: Future educational needs: have classical demarcations outlived themselves?

The quality of vocational education (VET) and higher education in the Netherlands is currently good,…

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Doe mee aan onderzoek naar microcredentials

Microcredentials zijn bewijzen van competenties en andere leerervaringen, en zijn kleiner dan traditionele diploma’s. In…

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Utrecht: first city to admit VET learners to the introduction week

This year, for the first time VET learners were welcome to participate in Utrecht’s introduction…

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Netherlands: Low number of Ukrainian refugees in Dutch VET

The devastating effects of the war in Ukraine have forced millions of Ukrainian citizens to…

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