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Research Report ‘Professionalizing Across Borders’

What is the impact of Erasmus+ projects on the professionalization of educational staff? Read the research report by the National Agency Erasmus+ Education & Training!

Author(s):Karel Kans, Marianne Driessen, Hannah Achterbosch, Mariola Gremmen Publication date:mei 2023

In 2020, ECBO researcher Karel Kans collaborated on a report on the impact of Erasmus+ projects on the professionalization of educational staff. The report has now been translated into English.

All education sectors The impact of an international experience The National Agency Erasmus+ Education & Training conducted research on the impact of Erasmus+ projects specifically aimed at the professionalization of educational staff. In particular, the focus was on the results this yields in the professional practices of educational staff upon their return, and the broader impact it has on the organization and beyond.

This qualitative research examined several concrete Erasmus+ projects from five different education sectors that focused on the professionalization of educational staff. In all cases, tangible and sustainable results could be identified for individuals, organizations, and beyond: sometimes expected and already stated as project goals, but sometimes also unexpected and surprisingly different from what was anticipated.

Success factors and challenges The conclusions reveal that the success factors and challenges of professionalization through an international experience are highly diverse but also share similarities across different education sectors. Key success factors that emerged included: effective integration into the institution’s policies, support from the team and management, and adequate preparation.

The findings of this research, particularly the various success factors, can serve as inspiration and support for new Erasmus+ projects, with the aim of achieving even greater impact for the participating staff and institutions, and ultimately for the students and learners.

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