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About ReferNet Netherlands

ReferNet Netherlands is a joint project of ECBO and Cedefop. ReferNet’s task is to disseminate VET-related information to and from Europe.

About ECBO

ECBO is a small, however ambitious research institute, employing a staff of around 20 professional researchers, specialised in VET and the relations of VET and the labour market. It’s mission is to perform research activities in VET, with the active support of VET-schools, to make national and international research findings accessible to VET-schools and teachers. Research is conducted along thematic lines that will generate knowledge to benefit vocational education and training (VET) in the Netherlands. ECBO is part of CINOP, a foundation that designs and implements solutions for complex issues in education and the labour market.

Knowledge dissemination is one of ECBO’s core tasks. ECBO is commissioned by the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) to disseminate knowledge in and about VET in particular. ECBO not only disseminates its own research findings but links supply and demand for VET-research (findings) in general. To this aim we hold regular meetings with teachers (associations), VET-experts, VET-innovation managers and VET-experts to take note of the issues that are important to practice.


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