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Information resources

Government/Cabinet www.government.nl
Parliament / Political parties www.tweedekamer.nl
Relevant Ministries www.government.nl/ministries
Advisory organizations
Education Council www.onderwijsraad.nl
SER (The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands) www.ser.nl
AWT (Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy) www.awt.nl
SCP (Social and Cultural Planning Office) www.scp.nl
CPB (Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis) www.cpb.nl
WRR (Scientific Council for Government Policy) www.wrr.nl
Sectoral/umbrella organizations
MBO Raad (The Netherlands Association of VET Colleges) www.mboraad.nl
AOC Raad (AOC Council) www.aocraad.nl
NRTO (Association of accredited private training centres) www.nrto.nl
HBO-raad (Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences) www.vereniginghogescholen.nl/
VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands) www.vsnu.nl
SBB (Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market) www.s-bb.nl
JOB (Youth organization VET) www.job-site.nl
Platform Beroepsonderwijs (Platform VET) www.hpbo.nl
Kennisnet (Internet organisation for primary/secondary/vocational education) www.kennisnet.nl
 Social partners/ trade unions/ employer organizations
VNO-NCW (Federation of Employers in Trade and Industry) www.vno-ncw.nl
Stichting van de Arbeid (Labour Foundation) www.stvda.nl
CNV (National Federation of Christian Trade Unions) www.cnv.nl
FNV (Federation of Dutch Trade Unions) www.fnv.nl
MHP (Trade Union for Middle and Higher Management Functions) www.vakcentralemhp.nl
LTO Nederland (Organization for the Agriculture Sector) www.ltonederland.nl
MKB-Nederland (Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) www.mkb.nl
National representatives of European organizations
Erasmus+ Nederland www.erasmusplus.nl/
Nuffic https://www.nuffic.nl/en
IDW- Evaluation of Foreign Credentials www.idw.nl
Euroguidance www.euroguidance.nl/
ENIC-NARIC www.enic-naric.net/netherlands.aspx
Study in the Netherlands www.studyin.nl
Europass www.europass.nl/
Ploteus – database training courses VET https://ec.europa.eu/ploteus/
The Netherlands Initiative for Education research (NRO) www.nro.nl
NARCIS (Dutch Research Database) www.narcis.nl
CBS ( Statistics Netherlands) www.cbs.nl
ECBO (Centre for Expertise in Vocational Education and Training) refernet.nl
CINOP www.cinop.nl
CITOgroep www.citogroep.nl
KBA (The Knowledge Centre for Vocational Education & Labour Market) www.kenniscentrum-ba.nl
Research voor Beleid www.researchvoorbeleid.nl
Regioplan www.regioplan.nl
IVA-onderwijs www.iva-onderwijs.nl/
SCO-Kohnstamm Institute www.sco-kohnstamminstituut.uva.nl
 ITS https://www.ru.nl/its/
TIER www.tierweb.nl
Welten Instituut https://www.ou.nl/web/welten-instituut
SEO Amsterdam Economics www.seo.nl
ROA (Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market) roa.sbe.maastrichtuniversity.nl/
VSNU www.vsnu.nl/en_GB
Open University www.ou.nl